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About My Writing

As part of the process of dealing with fanfiction.net's refusal to allow direct links on profiles, I'm moving even more stuff to here. Wheee!

This post: an updated version of the old "About My Writing" section

I write almost entirely in the Death Note fandom, though I have produced a few rare works for other fandoms, such as the sitcom Two and a Half Men and the horror manga Uzumaki.

Almost everything else I write is a Death Note crossover, such as the horrific and disgusting Cthulhu Mythos crossover Bride of the Monster, the fluffy and sentimental Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip crossover Along the Crumbling Road or the humor/smut Tetris crossover Getting Around the Block.

I like good/fluffy endings and hate sad endings, so most of my fics end well even if the characters have to go through much angst and violence in order to get to those nice endings. However, considering the nature of the main conflict in Death Note, it is generally true that one side realistically has to lose (i.e. usually they die) in order for the other side to have their happy ending. Rare indeed is the fanfic of mine in which EVERY Death Note character gets a happy ending.

So, my writing tends towards happy endings, but with caveats.

I like to end chapters on cliffhangers, so if you really hate those you might want to avoid any in-progress fics and just stick to the finished ones. Once I finish a fanfic, I make a post on LiveJournal including a summary, warnings, etc., plus links to every archive I've uploaded the fanfic to. If you want to read only finished works, definately follow me on LiveJournal.

I like plots. The plotty nature of Death Note is its biggest attraction for me, and in my attempts to emulate the canon I tend to put at least a hint of a plot into nearly everything I write. Even if it's just a short smut piece that is meant to be nothing more than a sex scene, I tend to sneak in a little bit of plot.

I write in a number of genres.

  • I write serious genfics with little or no romance, such as Ryuk Mows the Lawn, Nobody Cares About the Receptionist and The Sickest Thing You Can Do With a Death Note.

  • I also write fics that are mostly focused on smut and/or romance, such as You're 38, Light, Quiet and Role Reversal.

  • I sometimes need to let off steam or have fun by writing silly, ridiculous crack fics such as Everyone Wants L, No Idea and Disco Master Matsuda

  • Finally, I write extreme gross-out fics from time to time, usually with smut included as well, such as Shinigami Facts of Life and Inadequate.

  • I have a soft spot in my heart for crack pairings, especially for trying to write them in a way that is as realistic as possible and trying to make them somehow make sense. I'm serious. I've actually tackled LxRem. Something about crack pairings seems to make me want to rise to the challenge and see if I can make them work. I've got an entire LiveJournal post about my attraction towards crack pairings.

    I don't really have what people call an OTP or "One True Pairing" as I'll write nearly any characters together. I even tackle threesomes on occasion. Although I tend to like certain types of fics more than others and certain characters more than others, I think that any pairing can be good and any character or viewpoint can be interesting in the hands of a skilled writer.

    I'm not really into bashing the "wrong" pairings or characters I don't like, as I'll both read and write just about any topic, and characters that suffer greatly or get humiliated in one of my fics will often get treated nicely in other fics of mine, so that overall it balances out.

    I feel that fanfiction is about exploring many different possibilities that weren't covered in canon, and I don't feel that limiting the possibilities is really part of the spirit of inspiration of fanfiction. I like characters getting a different ultimate fate than in canon, I like seeing Light being egotistical and power-hungry, and I have a great weakness for writing L as sick, hallucinating, paranoid, insane or otherwise impaired (usually temporarily, but often with permanent repercussions).

    Whether a fic is good or not is all in the quality of the writing, not in the topics written about, and I'm fully open to the idea that I could be converted into supporting things I don't like now by reading a great fic on that topic. For example, I'm sure there's a writer out there who could write an interesting fic about Light settling on a far-future moon base to sell flowers to tourists while having a hot gay relationship with Watari and make it work. I'm not that writer, but I believe someone could do it.

    Although I am very interested in fiction (as you can obviously see by my large outpouring of fanfiction) I still consider it to be fiction and I make a clear dividing line between it and reality. I put plenty of things in my fics that I would never do in real life, and I put all sorts of thoughts and opinions in the heads of my characters that I don't agree with. I think my fics would be boring if all my characters acted like me and had only the opinions I have.

    In other words, I write about all kinds of violent and/or smutty activities that I would never do, and my characters usually have opinions that are not my opinions. I'm likely to put twisted thoughts about murder, world domination, justice and so on in my Death Note fics, simply because that's the nature of the Death Note setting.

    I don't think anyone's perfect, so everyone, even the good characters, have some instances of mistaken judgments, flawed decision-making skills and even things like misogynistic beliefs. So, just because you see a character thinking a certain way in one of my fics, it doesn't mean I think that way.

    As a general rule, my fanfics are not in the same continuity as each other and do not reference each other. It is only rarely that I'll make a sequel to one of my fanfics. Unless it is labeled as a sequel, (or prequel or interquel), each fanfic of mine is a separate exploration of possibilities that went unexplored in canon, without reference to any shared fanfic "universe" or any fanon. For example, the holes in L's canon backstory might be filled in differently in different fanfics.

    I have a strong committment to finishing anything that I begin uploading. Most of the fanfics I've uploaded are finished, and I only rarely put them on hiatus. Currently, I've only got one really old fanfic that I'm still struggling to finish. Mostly, if I don't think I'm likely to finish it, I try to discipline myself into not uploading any portion of it.

    I do not delete my fanfics, and I encourage anyone to download, make copies, and share them if they wish (AO3 has the best software for downloading copies in various formats). If one of my fanfics gets deleted, it is because admins deleted it, not me. It is never my will to remove works I've uploaded from the hands of fans, because I've been heartbroken when fanfics I like suddenly disappear from the internet and I don't want to do that to others.

    Ever since I first started uploading my Death Note fanfics, I've made occasional mentions of completed and uncompleted scripts for doujinshi, and I've talked about working on doujinshi. The truth is that progress on this aspect has been very slow, and not one doujin has appeared yet. Mostly, I get lured into working on more fan fiction instead of converting my scripts into doujinshi. I do plan to devote more work to doujinshi someday, but I don't know when that will be. I suspect that I'll probably need to slow down my fan fiction writing to almost nothing in order to complete a doujin. If at some point in the future I decide that I'm never going to draw those doujinshi, then I'll probably upload the rest of the completed scripts. As of now, I still have ambitions of doing it myself.


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    Jul. 5th, 2012 04:14 pm (UTC)
    Wow, nice. Complete.

    I agree. I do like it when a crack pairing is handled seriously well. I really admired The Sugarcube Fort for that, among other things. Nobody Cares About the Receptionist was impressive for that, although it's been a agood while since I actually read that one.

    If you love crack prackings, have you read this one?

    Title: All You Need Is Love
    Author: The Carnivorous Muffin
    Status: Ongoing at 72 chapters and counting.
    Pairing: LightxNaomi Misora
    Summary: Naomi has always been paranoid, and goodness knows that mess the Wara Ningyo case didn't make it any better. If there's anything to be said about having this stalker around, it's that he's proving it's not all in her head.
    Genre: Romance, Parody, Sit-Com
    Additional: This is meant to be written as a crack fic, so the pairing is cracky to suit, but there is an actual plot forming, so you can't help but find the pairing as a serious one!

    It's on FF.Net, and like I said, this one is great not only for the humour, but for the cracky-turned-believable main pairing. You may like it. Another, 'A Study in Donuts' by Disguise of Carnivorism as the same pairing but seems to work it really well too.

    Meanwhile, my OTP seems to be LxLight, but I'd like to try my hand at writing a fic where these two aren't as right for each other as first believed - maybe because I like trying anything once.

    A long enough comment? I don't know.

    Ruin XXX
    Jul. 10th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
    Ah, I think I've gotten longer comments; don't worry.

    It took a few days to reply because I've been sick and thus distracted lately (nothing serious).

    I didn't really expect a reply when I moved a bunch of stuff over here from my fanfiction.net profile, but it was pleasant to see that someone at least reads it.

    Thanks for the two recs. Those sound extremely interesting and I'll need to put them on my to-read list.
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