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If you have anything you want to ask me just put it into a comment to this post and I'll try to answer it, and I'm slowly developing an FAQ file too:

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"Mercy Killing" - Tokyo Ghoul Fan Fiction

Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul, based on the manga

Title: "Mercy Killing"

Author: Sashocirrione

Spoilers: Spoilers for up to chapter 13 of the manga. Since this was written before the first episode of the anime is due to be broadcast, I presume it will spoil maybe up to episode 4 or 5 in the anime, but I'm just guessing.

Warnings: NO UNDERAGE READERS. Rated M for suicide, death, implied cannibalism, gore and violence.

Summary: Ken Kaneki tries another food collecting trip with Renji Yomo, hoping that it will be easier to endure than the first one was.

Pairings: None

Additional Notes: All manga canon events previous to the start of this fanfic have happened as normal, but it is not based on the anime at all as I've not seen it yet (the first episode has yet to be broadcast). According to timelines that others have compiled, I think this fanfic occurs at some nebulous point in November. This is canon-compliant, in that the events here could have happened behind the scenes in the manga, and that nothing in this fanfic would disrupt or derail later canon events. In other words, this is not a canon divergence AU like I tend to write. I am calling the coffee shop "Antique" since it seems that the scanlators had been mistranslating its name as "Anteiku" instead.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Ghoul, and I do not make any money from these writings.

Links to the story: (same content at each link)





I did it!

As I blogged about before, I submitted a quote from one of my own fanfics to WTF Fanfiction as a show of support for the blog owner.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would to decide what to send, and now I have no idea how long it is until it appears (I've heard it can take a couple of months). I hope it got through. It is a very WTF line, and I think I followed all the guidelines correctly.

As a side-effect, this has caused me to start my own blog on tumblr at http://sashocirrione.tumblr.com/ and to reblog mostly Death Note pictures on it.

Edited to add: Wow, it appeared fast!

Support for WTF Fanfiction

The short version:

I'm trying to get as many fanfic writers as possible to submit bits of their own fanfic writing to WTF Fanfiction as a show of support for the blog owner. No matter how great a writer you are, you've produced a WTF line somewhere; I can practically guarantee it. This applies to me too (perhaps especially to me, since I write a lot of bizarre crackfics). Yes, I plan to look over my own fanfics and submit a quote that sounds stupid, ridiculous and/or funny. It might take me a while, but I'll do it. Note: it's not against the rules to submit your own stuff.

The long version:

I have been reading and enjoying the tumblr blog WTF Fanfiction for months. I like the format of it: simple, short and to the point. Collapse )

"Flowering" - Death Note Fan Fiction

Fandom: Death Note, which includes the manga and the anime.

Title: "Flowering"

Author: Sashocirrione

Spoilers: Spoilers for nearly up to the end of the anime/manga series.

Rating: Rated M for mature or probably R

Warnings: Extremely weird sexual content involving non-human reproductive parts (specifically, humanoid plants) plus mpreg.

Summary: In an alternate universe where everyone is a humanoid plant, Mello and Matt pollinate each other. Weirdness galore. Silly subject, but serious tone of writing.

Pairing: Mello/Matt or possibly Matt/Mello, depending on how you look at it.

Additional Notes: Most canon events previous to the beginning of this fic have happened as normal, with the exception of all Death Note characters being humanoid plants, plus a little bit of fanon that I threw in there (it should be mild as well as self-explanatory within this fanfic).

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, and I do not make any money from these writings.

Links to the story: (same content at each link)




Death Note Fanfic Recs for Crack Van (Month #2)

For the second time, I had a month of recommending Death Note fanfics at crack_van, but it took a few days to post this summary because I'm behind on everything (mostly because I'm still in the process of moving, and yeah that's going to continue until nearly 2013).

You can find my November allotment of recs in reverse chronological order by clicking on crack van's "death note" tag (with my recs from last March before that, and also other people's Death Note recs).

Or, you can browse the list below for my November's recs, in chronological order:

1. The Haunting by ErmengardeSecret

2. Autophobia by Skin and Pit

3. As She Is by Jenwryn

4. The Perseverance of a Love Unchained by CrazyNinjaPenguin

5. CROSSOVER REC: Plaything of the Gods by reaperlight (author also known as plannedbyReaperLight)

6. Any Way You Want It by Tierfal

7. Everything I Touch by Anonymous

8. The Apple Never Falls Far from the Tree by yellowrose87

9. Performance by Markus Ramikin

10. Praying Mantis by Miss Bright

11. Misa and the Bear by skullanddog (author formerly known as Sax-Hog)

12. What He's Getting Into by kinda_chocolate

13. Perfectly Hollow by Silver Pard

14. VID REC: "Light Kisses L" by kittehpaws (author also spells their name as KittehPawz)

If you're wondering what I recced last March, I've also got a summary post for those recs at this link.

I wasn't able to rec everything I wanted to, because of the requirements at crack_van restricting me to only twelve regular fanfics (twelve not including the crossover rec and fanvid rec) and because crack_van only allows recs of finished fanfics (otherwise I would have loved to rec some unfinished fanfic gems).

I do want to rec Death Note again, however the Anime/Manga sign-up post now has all open slots, so if I signed up now I'd have to rec again in January 2013, and I'm not ready for that. I'm exhausted and behind on lots of things, and I really need to catch up on my own fanfic writing and on updating my profiles and such.

So, I'm going to give it a rest for now. I feel like I need at least a few months before I would be properly prepared again. It is hard work to sift through lots of favorite fanfics and winnowing it down to what I think others will like best while trying to balance it out with my personal aims of not reccing the same author more than once in a month, and also trying to represent a variety of styles and pairings.

Need Reccing Help

Last March I recommended Death Note fanfics and fan videos on crack_van, and also wrote an overview of the fandom (although I see that post is now mysteriously missing its pictures... I'll have to see what I can do to get the overview pictures restored).

Well, my name is coming to the forefront of the list and it looks like I'll be reccing Death Note for crack_van again starting this November. Only one month away! I'm excited and mostly ready. I had more fanfic recommendations last time that was allowed, so I've got a bunch left over.

However, I still need your help. I am not very familiar with Death Note crossover fanfics and I don't have any recs planned so far! I really want to rec a few good crossovers (crossovers do not count towards the 12-rec limit) and I've poked around looking for them, but I haven't found them!

I could also use some help unearthing a few more Death Note fanvids, as I'm sparse on those too.

Plus, even though I'm pretty sure I won't have trouble filling up my allotment of 12 regular Death Note fanfics, I could always use some more recs in that area. If there's something great that meets the requirements of crack_van and I think it's better than some other fic I've currently got on my list of planned recs, I can bump that other fic off my list to make room for the better one.

What are the requirements? I can't self-rec (obviously!), I can't rec fanworks that have already been recced on crack_van and I can't rec works in progress. So, this means that excellent but unfinished fanfics (such as True Elision by Ezan) are not allowed.

As to my personal aims, I'm trying to go for a mix of ships, styles and tastes, just like the last time I recced.

Last time, I tried to divide my attention between popular authors and little-known authors, between genfics and shipping fics, and I tried to make sure that the popular pairings didn't get all the attention amongst the shipping fics. In other words, even though any goodfic you can recommend to me is appreciated, the types of fics that tend to get neglected or overlooked in the fandom are appreciated even more.

If you've got suggestions, please put them in the comments. PMs are okay too, but I prefer comments because it organizes them all in one place and because then, even if I don't use your suggestion, you are still reccing in a way that all my readers can find, so it's still doing good.

"Untitled Spitefic" - Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Fiction

Well, I've said that I'll post about all my finished fanfics on LiveJournal, so that's the only reason this unimportant, untitled fanfic merits a post. It's so extremely short that the entire thing is hiding behind the LJ-cut, but I've also uploaded copies at FFN here and at AO3 here.

For some strange reason, it's already getting hordes more hits than my fanfics usually do, despite being obviously short and obviously not for fans. If you want to see the sporking that inspired it, that's here, with a table of contents here.

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My fanfic appeared on WTF Fanfiction!

My fanfic Getting Around the Block appeared on WTF Fanfiction here a couple of days ago. WTF Fanfiction is a tumblr that posts short, amusing quotes from crack fics, troll fics and bad fics.

I swear I didn't submit it myself.

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm amused at the reactions, I'm surprised and a little dismayed that some of the commenters seem to think I seriously ship Mello with Tetris blocks, and I'm a bit baffled as to why some of my weirder stuff didn't get submitted instead. I've written material that is far, far stranger than this.

I understand the selection after thinking about it, though. If you're relying on very short excerpts to get across absurd/amusing qualities, then an extreme crack pairing goes a long way towards quickly shocking the audience, and Block/Mello/Block has got to be the weirdest crack pairing(s) I've ever tackled.

Big Bang

I am thinking of participating in this year's Kink Big Bang at kink_bigbang. The schedule hasn't been posted yet, but if the 2012 schedule is similar to the 2011 schedule, then sign-ups would start on or around August 1st, 2012. (If you don't know what a "Big Bang" is, see this article on Fanlore).

Whether I enter or not is dependent on whether I can finish a reasonable portion of the required 12,000 words before sign-ups begin, since I do not like to be rushed during the last few weeks as deadlines approach. With these goals I've set myself, I've got about a month and a half to finish the plot outline and write an additional at least 5,000 words. If I don't manage to meet that goal, then I don't plan to enter.

If I do enter, the fanfic I would be writing for the Kink Big Bang would be Warmth, a supernaturally-themed L/Near/Halle threesome fanfic (in an AU set during a time when everyone is of-age) that nobody has seen yet, except for people on my friends list who've read a tiny friends-locked excerpt that I put here. As per the rules, the fanfic would remain concealed from readers (except for an assigned artist) until the big reveal on the comm of the completed work.